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VA Creeper Trail FAQ's

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The trail is 34 miles in total extending from Abingdon (mile 0) to Whitetop Station.  Damascus is nestled right in the center for optimal access to the whole trail.  Whitetop to Damascus is 17 miles downhill.  Abingdon to Damascus is 17 miles slightly uphill both ways.  On average, it take 6-7 hours to complete the trail in-full.

The most convenient and common starting point is Damascus.  By starting in Damascus, you have the opportunity to ride any portions of the trail while maintaining a home base full of fun activities, great places to eat, and friendly locals to return to.  Most visitors plan to start their day with a shuttle ride up to Whitetop, ride back down to Damascus, grab dinner at a local diner/restaurant, and stay the night.  For fun things to do in your spare time in Damascus, check out www.doitindamascus.com for low and high impact hiking trails; scenic viewpoints; local craft beer, wine, and distilleries; and more!

If you were to start at Whitetop Station (3576' elevation), you would casually bike downhill 17 miles to Damascus (1952') then on to Alvarado (1900'), halfway between Damascus and Abingdon, then up to Abingdon (2087').  For most bikers doing the Whitetop to Damascus portion, you will not need to peddle for the first few miles but the closer you get to Damascus, the more you will need to peddle. The ride to or from Abingdon is a consistent peddle with some more intense spots.

The average rider will complete the popular 17 mile downhill combo in around 2.5-3 hours.  We suggest that you take your time because there are many beautiful places to stop and "take it all in".  From start to finish (from arrival for your reservation to your return to our shop) you will be 'on an adventure' for around 4 hours in total.

Yes, there are vault toilets at the trailhead at Whitetop Station, 3 miles down the trail at Green Cove Station, and 13 miles down at the Straight Branch Parking Lot.  They are also available for customers at Green Cove Collective, a great place to stop and check out some locally crafted gifts, and Hellbender's Cafe in Taylor's Valley, the most convenient halfway-point to stop, grab a bite to eat, and refresh before finishing your ride.  There are numerous breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices in Damascus once you complete your ride and have returned your bicycles.

Our shuttles depart for Whitetop Station (the downhill ride) every 45 minutes from 9:00am-3:00pm (earlier or later for large-group, pre-approved reservations).  Plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your shuttle departure for check-in, information, and bike fitting.  Please call for available times for Abingdon pickup/delivery.  We shuttle all year round.  For our off season shuttle schedule (Nov-March), just give us a call!

Ex: 9:00am shuttle reservation = 8:30 arrival to the store with your entire party.

Please don't!  The trail is an old railroad that was transformed into the outdoor adventure excursion we now know as the Virginia Creeper.  It consists of crushed limestone and cinders left over from the train days.  Though it is firm in most places, the gravelly pieces can shift easily due to heavy rain or high traffic.  Our bicycles are chosen specifically for the terrain of this trail.  If you are bringing your bike and have skinny tires make for road riding, have our staff check it out before you begin your journey to make sure your tires will stand up to this amazing trail!

We are conveniently open daily 8:30 am to 6 pm.

The section from Whitetop Station to Damascus is by far the most popular for biking and flows downhill on a relaxed railroad grade for 17 beautiful miles through Jefferson National Forest.

The best place to begin your bike ride on the Virginia Creeper Trail is at the Adventure Damascus/Sundog Outfitter front door.  We will take you and a bike up to the highest point on the trail and you ride the 17 miles downhill back to the shop.

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