The official Appalachian Trail corridor passes right next to SunDog Outfitter along the Virginia Creeper Trail. The route is blazed up highway US 58 right in front of our store. Either way you come, make sure you make SunDog Outfitter in Damascus, Virginia a priority stop on your hike.

Gear questions, trail advice, logistical issues, whatever your needs may be, we're all here to support you. We want your hike to be a success.

SunDog Outfitter offers toll free call-ahead service, so when you're out on the trail and need something, get to a phone and call ahead. We'll do our best to have your item waiting for you when you enter Damascus.

Great prices, friendly, courteous, professional service from trail hearty experienced staff. That's SunDog Outfitter! And we're located right on the Appalachian Trail and the Virginia Creeper Trail at the western gateway to the Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area in Damascus, Virginia.


Shuttles depart on the top of the hour.  

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to reserved departure time.  

We have a $40 minimum on all unscheduled and unreserved bike shuttle trips.  

Hey, we gotta make a living (and we need to have a driver for you)!

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Shuttle services to portions of the Virginia Creeper Trial are authorized under a permit from the US Forest Service. George Washinigton & Jefferson National Forests. Adventure Damascus, Inc./Laughing Dog Shuttles/Sundog Outfitter is an equal opportunity employer and provider.